One of the most common questions we get is "should I purchase Giants or Honkers"? Because there are a lot of reasons someone may purchase one over the other, we wanted to give you the pluses and minuses of both decoys, so you can make sure to get the decoy that fits you best. 

First off, you can't go wrong with either decoy. We are personally very confident in both decoys and would hunt over either every day, but there are pluses and minuses to both options. We will highlight the benefits of the Giants in this article and will have another article to highlight the benefits the Honkers.

Life-size | For the ultimate in realism, nothing is better than a life-size decoy. We worked really hard to make this decoy an ultra-realistic option for hunters looking for effective options.

Rough Texture | The honker utilizes are rough texturing that creates a super flat finish rain or shine. Because of the depth of the texture, moisture is pulled away from the flat surfaces that create decoy shine. This texturing also creates a flocked-like appearance in direct sunlight. This decoy is a great option for hunters who plan on hunting in wet conditions. 

Pose Variation | The Honker line has the widest variation of decoy poses in a pack. This variation can really make a spread come to life. 

Easier Storage and Handling | Because the Honker is a life-size decoy, it is much easier to store and handle. If you like to run big spreads, the Honker line is a much better choice. 

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