One of the most common questions we get is "should I purchase Giants or Honkers"? Because they're are a lot of reasons someone may purchase one over the other, we wanted to give you the pluses and minuses of both decoys, so you can make sure to get the decoy that fits you best. 

First off, you can't go wrong with either decoy. We are personally very confident in both decoys and would hunt over either every day, but there are pluses and minuses to both options. We will highlight the bennefits of the Giants in this article and will have another article to highlight the benefits the Honkers.

Oversized | The Giants are designed to be slightly oversized. There are some great benefits to this in many different hunting environments. 

Small Spreads | Giants work really well in small spreads. Because of they're large size, Giants stand out really well and are super effective in small spreads. Many people overlook using small spreads because everyone preaches to "go bigger". During late season or in high pressured areas, small realistic spreads can be the ticket to get wary birds to finish in the spread. 

Stand out in Fields | Due to the size and specifically the larger bright chest on this decoy, Giants really stand out when many other decoys don't. Decoys can get lost in many field types like corn and chisel plowed fields. Most hunters use high numbers to combat this, but this is where Giants can really shine by standing out. 

Sleepers and Riverbanks | If you hunt a lot of riverbanks or like to run sleepers, the Giant line is a great options. It pairs perfect with our fullbody sleepers or sleeper shells and really stands out on riverbanks. 

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