There is a big misconception out there about Strutter decoys scaring away longbeards and hurting your overall success. This stems from many of the unrealistic options out on the market. The vast majority of hunters we talk to that are nervous to use a strutter do to past experience or what they've heard, have never used an ultra realistic strutter decoy. What most people interpret as fear of another tom, is most likely the bird being nervous because he is not convinced the decoy is a real bird.

We are huge believers in our Strutter decoy and for many of us, it is our go to decoy. Because of that we want others to experience the effectiveness of using this decoy, especially in field hunting situations. 

An ultra realistic strutter offers incredible visibility from long ranges allowing birds to instantly recognize a strutting tom and also communicating a hen is nearby. When a jake or hen decoy can look like a blob from a distance, a full tail fan can really get a bird committed from a distance.